Stave Stones,
March 2021

Collaborative practice with Cerys Lloyd 

statement here

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abstractly / certainly / intimately

an element of being performative / orchestral / intimate / respectful within material habitat

material score, land composition, moving over the land, composing with our bodies through material habitat

going over / surveying / combing through / observing / picking up / placing / arranging

permanence / translation / exchange / offerings

composing / scores — what is the core of a score?
— what is an abstraction of a score?

/ away from music; a method of translating and forming information
via: mark making / performance / painting / drawing / typing / rhythm / organisation / displacement / documentation / observation / trace / language / survey / capsules / stillness /

the performance of gathering and placing as composition, how does this relate or convey material information ?

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our and you

// from us to you

our, is we two, plus humankind >

you, is your frame and being in strength and fluidity

   \\ we address you and offer gratitude for your form

taking time to describe and acquaint ourselves with each stroke of your object hood

drawings and thank yous ||

shared and said back and forth between the two of us, like the swinging pendulum of working in collaboration with each other and with you

<<written in two parts and merged as an arranged offering of thanks

acknowledging the autonomous objectivity of each of you, and our own part in the displacement of you all across a littered landscape \\

we address this space, to wherever you have moved to, either naturally or not

/ to speak into and address the space as a dancing and moving and spinning and hurtling composition 

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 22.22.00.png
Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 19.57.07.jpeg