getting real

November 2016

So today I spent two and a half hours of my time sorting out my brain . The discussion/brain explosion took place with a technician and it interrogated what I am fundamentally interested in at the moment and why I make art. I have been avoiding this for weeks and just making work for the sake of it and claiming it's because I'm so busy I just need to make stuff. But this afternoon, we broke everything down and stripped it all back. It's so easy to get bogged down in the art world words that are often three syllables long and rather pretentious; but we know they make us sound like we've got our crap together. However, although we as creators need to know how to play the game of the pretentious long words, we cannot let ourselves get so heavily invested in those words that we hide behind them and only vaguely link them to our physical works. We need real world words that are simple and practical and not all flowery and pretty.


The work itself doesn't always have to be synonymous with what we SAY about our work; there should be a give and take, a little mystery and interpretation left to the viewer maybe even a little tension between the two. In a modern age where we want all of the information all of the time and nothing is left alone, wouldn't it be amazing for us as creators, and by that I mean everyone, to take hold of simplicity and shine it like a beacon for slowing down the pace of life and how we process the world around us. Leaving things unsaid and undone might just give us the space to understand way more than we thought we could.

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