September 2018
© Freelands Foundation & Hydar Dewachi.

Look brought together eight painters recently graduated from art schools. Freelands Foundation has been in conversation with art schools, investigating the approaches being taken today in the teaching, and learning, of painting. They looked at the courses on offer in the mainstream system, but have also been exploring some of the new wave of alternative art schools. This exhibition invited artists from both BA and MA Fine Art and Painting courses alongside graduates from The Essential School of Painting and Turps Art School.

This experience was incredible, to be part of a show which was discussing the current practices of painting that are emerging from art schools; the show felt like a cross section cut directly through the heart of studio practice across the country. Being part of a show in which the selection was not in my hands was both exciting and nerve-wracking. The diversity that came up across all the works was invigorating and the discussions with other artists were inspiring and we have all created sustainable links with each other; keeping each other informed with our practices and considering showing again in the future. 

To see how painting is being approached across institutions was eye opening, making me realise that my way of thinking about my practice isn't the only way. I loved seeing how work is pushing away from the painting structure and moving into the realms of sculpture or installation. What it means to create work on specific scales and in specific mediums or colours; all these conversations felt fresh and renewed because they were being had with artists we were new to. 

For the full information about the exhibition and the artists please visit: www.freelandsfoundation.co.uk/exhibition/look